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All About Cuban Link Chains

The History, It’s Rise To Popularity & How To Style Them


The Cuban link chain, also called the Miami Cuban Links, is one of the most popular and in-demand chains when it comes to men's jewellery. Never out of the trends and always at the top of the hip-hop jewellery hierarchy, the Cuban link chain is definitely here to stay.


What is a Cuban Link Chain?


The Cuban link chain features a traditional design similar to that of a rope and is made up of single links arranged in a twisted pattern to make them look thicker. With slightly thicker links than any of the other chains in the market, the Cuban link chain is undoubtedly the best chain when it comes to durability. The chains come in a variety of colors/metals as well: gold, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, platinum and can even be speckled with diamonds.


A Brief History


Not much is known about the beginnings of the Cuban chain. But popular opinion dates the emergence of the Cuban link chain to be during the 1970s, also known as the birthing years of the hip-hop culture. While the exact origin of this popular chain remains unknown despite claims from various hip-hop personalities, one thing is for sure, Cuban link chains have steadily risen to claim a spot at the top over the decades.


How To Wear & Style Cuban Link Chains


Casual Wear

Looking for a chain to go along with your casual, everyday look? The Cuban link chain goes well with casual outfits. If you’re a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, a Cuban link chain will look right at home around your neck. For a more preppy look, don a Cuban link chain with a pair of Bermuda shorts, a collared shirt, and your favorite loafers! Style tip: When wearing casual clothes, opt for a chain with a shorter length, one that sits just below your collarbone should do the trick!



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Everyday Work Wear


Impress your co-workers and show them you mean business with a Cuban link chain to complement your suit. Whether you’re wearing a suit and tie to work, or dressed for Casual Fridays in khakis and a polo shirt, the Cuban link chain will definitely ante up your workwear style game.


10MM Premium Gold Miami Cuban Chain, $109.99 AUD



Formal Wear


Bring out the glam squad and wow everybody with an iced out Cuban link chain with your stylish tuxedo! Jewelry with a smattering of diamonds is always key when you’re out on formal or black-tie events. Brilliance and shine are worthy of a special occasion! Match your iced out Cuban chain with matching cufflinks or watch for an eye-catching style.


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