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Top 3 Hip-Hop Jewellery Trends for 2020

Accessories and jewellery have always been the perfect way to level up and transform any outfit, and if you’re not fashion savvy, keeping up with the seasonal trends is the ideal way to go. Step up your style game come 2020 by preparing for the latest jewellery trends, which we sourced fresh off from the Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Week runways. Here are the top 3 jewellery trends that you can adopt for your hip-hop fashion style:

Silver Jewellery Trend

Put your gold chains and pendants in storage coz 2020 is all about the rise of silver jewellery. From necklace chains to bracelets, rings and watches, silver is stepping up in the coming months and you better be styling your outfits with them if you want to amp up your style game. Step out on the street with a silver Jesus piece, or embellish your next sweater outfit with layered silver Cuban and tennis chains

Method Man sporting his silver ice pick chain
Photo from:

Pumped Up Hoops & the Single Earring Trend

Hip-hop jewellery isn’t gender exclusive, so if you love to sport earrings, super-sized hoop earrings are the way to make that style statement. The next year is all about oversized pieces, and the classic hoop earring definitely received the memo! While we’re at it, sporting a single eye-catching earring is also going to be big. Check out Ladi6 sporting oversized hoop earrings and Lil Nas X stepping out with a single statement earring.

Ladi6 sporting oversized hoop earrings
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Lil Nas X sporting the single statement earring
Photo by: Matt Baron/Shutterstock
Chain Link Necklaces


For those who love your chains, chain link necklaces are going to be a hot trend for the coming months. Spotted on fashion runways are your favorite chain in oversized styles, worn alone of layered with other chains. IMO, we on the hip-hop industry have always styled our chains layered with other pieces, and we’ve often sported oversized chains as well. Let’s just say that the rest of the world is finally catching up with our style! Check out these rappers flossin’ oversized chains:

Lil John sporting an oversized gold rope chain
Photo by: Denise Truscello/WireImage

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