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5 of the Wildest Pieces of Hip Hop Jewellery You’ll Ever See

If you didn’t know already, hip hop jewellery is all about flashy and excessive pieces – the bigger and more grandiose, the better! If you think about it, there is a reason why rap and hip hop artists choose to wear these big, flashy pieces wherever they go. Hip hop music has always been about hard life experiences, discrimination, oppression and struggles these artists go through to succeed in the music business and in life. So what better way to symbolize their success, status and wealth than to flaunt it with expensive, flashy jewellery that announce their arrival in society?  And these artists definitely arrived, no doubt about it! Here are 5 artists flossin’ about hip hop jewellery that are the wildest pieces you’ll ever see!


5. The Rick Ross Chain

Photo by Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images


Definitely one for the books, Rick Ross debuted this particular iced out jewellery piece around red carpet events back in 2008. With an estimated worth of USD $1,500,000, this bling features a large gold chain with an oversized pendant of his face encrusted in yellow diamonds – an absolute homage to thy own self!!


4. Jay-Z's Cuban Link Chain


Photo by Joseph Okpako / Getty Images


It might be an understatement compared to the vast wealth and riches of Mr. Carter, but this particular Cuban link chain boasts of a staggering weight of 11 pounds and is the biggest Cuban link chain ever made! Estimated at around USD $400,000, this classic chain is a nod to the roots of hip hop jewellery but mixed with modern-day vibe with its oversized adaptation.


3. Lil Uzi Vert’s Marilyn Manson Chain


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With so many rappers and hip hop artists sporting hip hop jewellery that pay homage to themselves, it’s refreshing and nice to see one who pays tribute to another music icon, particularly rock legend, Marilyn Manson. First seen on Lil Uzi Vert’s own Instagram account, the Marilyn Manson Chain features a 100 carat VS diamond spiked choker called the Uzi Vert Chain valued at USD $100,000. It also comes with a pendant that features the image of Marilyn Manson wearing a Mickey Mouse hat studded with 55 carat black and white diamonds. The whole piece is estimated at around USD $220,000.


2. Takeoff's Solar System Chain


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How about having the world – and the whole universe, too! – at the palm of your hand? That’s what Migos’ Takeoff has with his Solar System Chain, which he had commissioned from Elliot Avianne back in 2017. A prime piece of iced out jewellery, this USD $500,000 piece features a mariner link chain, with a YRN logo spaceship detailed along the with the sun and the surrounding planets.


1. Slick Rick's Justice Scale Chain


Photo by Brian Stukes / Getty Images


Coming up at first place is none other than the pioneer and king of hip hop jewellery himself, Slick Rick. Undeniably the sole (and soul!) root of the world of hip hop, Slick Rick has been stacking and flossin’ wild and flashy chains since the mid-80s, decades earlier than everyone else! The Justice Scale medallion chain features an oversized rope chain in gold with a plate-sized and diamond-encrusted medallion pendant of the justice scale. It has an estimated value of USD $250,000.

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