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A Newbie’s Basic Guide To Bling & Hip Hop Jewellery

A nice ensemble is never complete without any jewellery or accessories to complement the outfit, and this holds true in any fashion runway around the world. And while a piece or two is more than enough to complete any look, the rise of rappers and the world of hip-hop created a whole new subculture wherein the larger and more ostentatious the jewellery, the better to make a statement. And so hip-hop jewellery or bling jewellery was born.

Hip hop jewellery came from rappers and other celebrities whose fashion styles became so popular and followed by many that it was pushed into the mainstream fashion scene. Remaining at the forefront of this subculture, we often see the likes of Jay Z, P Diddy, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Lil Uzi sporting blinged out chains while out and about.


But what is Hip Hop Jewellery?


Characterized by large gold or silver chains encrusted with diamonds galore, these expensive yet ubiquitous pieces are considered a status symbol for one’s success. Extravagant chains, knuckle rings on every finger, grills, knuckledusters and encrusted hoop earrings – the flashier, the better! – is what basically makes hip-hop jewellery a cult following! Less expensive but still high-quality alternatives include stainless steel or plated jewellery with cubic zirconia (CZ) stones instead of diamonds.

For newbies to this jewellery trend, here are some basic swag that you should already have in your wardrobe:



You’ll never find a rapper without one, chains are the most essential item in hip hop jewellery. These chains come in a variety of styles, lengths and sizes which you can wear alone or layer with other pieces! The most popular types of chains include the Cuban link chain, the tennis chain, the rope chain, snake or the Franco chain.


14mm Premium CZ Clasp Gold Cuban Chain, $179.99 AUD


5mm White Gold Tennis Chain, $175.49 AUD9



Same with necklaces, bling bracelets are offered in a variety of sizes and styles, most often in gold and silver and encrusted with diamonds or cubic zirconia stones. Wear them alone or stack them up on your wrist to set a style statement.



A staple in men’s jewellery, hip hop rings are heavier and flashier, and is typically encrusted with diamonds or cubic zirconia stones. Some are designed with large gemstones surrounded by diamonds, or made into quirky statement word pieces, animals or skulls designs.


G.O.A.T. CZ Ring, $89.99 AUD


Gold CZ Cuban Band Spinner Ring, $89.99 AUD



Pendants serve as the crown for chain necklaces, and are typically heavier and more ostentatious as they make the statement for your overall style. Widely popular pendants include the Jesus piece, crosses in varying sizes, statement word pieces and other popular symbols.


Jesus Piece Pendant, $99.99 AUD


Gold CZ Cross Pendant, $99.99 AUD

Gold 420 Pendant, $99.99 AUD


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