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Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Hip Hop Jewellery Pieces You Should Get For Your Man This Christmas

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re still undecided on what to get for your man, you’ve come to the right place at just the right time! Without further ado, here’s 5 hip hop jewellery pieces we’ve curated that would be just perfect for the guy who’s into the hip-hop culture:


The Jesus Piece

A staple in the hip-hop jewellery culture, the Jesus piece is a classic pendant that just doesn’t go out of style. Made out of gold, silver or platinum and often encrusted with diamonds, rhinestones or similar gems, the pendant is shaped into the likeness of Jesus, hence its name. The Jesus piece can also refer to a crucifix or a cross pendant. From the classic yellow gold style to the trendier, keeping-up-with-the-times black-on-black diamonds look, the Jesus piece is - without a doubt, a must-buy for your man!



Tennis Chain

Another classic piece of hip-hop jewellery, the tennis chain is stylish in its simplicity and is the perfect gift for your classy guy. Characterized by diamonds or similar gems mounted individually by precious metal chain such as gold, silver or platinum, the tennis chain is undoubtedly an intricate and stylish piece that can ante up any guy’s outfit. Worn alone or layered up with other chains as Young Thug does, the classic tennis chain should definitely be included in your man’s jewellery stash.




Iced Out Jewellery

For those whose guys love to floss flashy and statement-making pieces, iced out jewellery is the key to your holiday gift search! Iced out jewelry pieces often serve as the center of any jewellery ensemble, with those diamond-studded pieces in eye-catching styles bringing serious style vibe to any outfit, be it a casual t-shirt-and-jeans look, or a more flashier getup. These blinged-up pieces look good when worn alone as well, and is an absolute must-have for those into the hip-hop culture.




Casio Vintage Watch

For the man who loves to be efficient and hates being late, a Casio vintage watch is something that he’ll be sure to love! The Casio piece comes in a sleek, classy and distinctive style, and complements any ensemble your man may choose to wear. The Casio vintage watch is available in a variety of sleek styles suitable for any outfit, and comes in classic gold, elegant silver or bold black colors.




G-Shock Watch

For those who loves sports and outdoor activities, you can’t go wrong with gifting them a G-Shock watch for the holidays. Widely popular as one of the toughest watches worldwide, the G-Shock watch is primarily designed to weather abuse from any environment, aside from being water-resistant and having other features such as a timer, stopwatch and multiple alarms, among others. Its distinct and rugged feature also gets your man high points in the style game, as the G-Shock watch – with its endless variety of styles and colors – is one of the top streetwear brands in the timepiece department.



Now, if your man already has the Jesus piece, a Casio vintage watch, a tennis chain, iced out jewellery and the G-Shock watch, then he really knows his hip-hop fashion game! Have a browse at our shop instead for new drops and other hip-hop jewellery pieces that you should cop for your man!





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