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Men’s Watches – The Perfect Accessory You Should Be Wearing Right Now

A vintage Casio watch or those iced out watches might just be the perfect addition to your collection!


Without a doubt, a watch is the most indispensable accessory any man should ever have in his jewellery and accessory box. Be it for a rocking a casual, everyday look or for a smooth stylin’ at a more formal event, a watch is simply a necessity as well as a fashion piece. You’ll want to feel and look your best at all times, and a watch definitely will do its job to add to that. And it's no longer viewed as just a device to tell the time, the watch has become a fashion accessory and statement you can express yourself with.


Casual Vibin' with a Vintage Casio Watch

For a casual, everyday look, we look to watches with a minimalist and simple design that can complement any outfit choice you might have. Leather strap watches are a popular choice, but so are vintage-inspired minimalist watches such as those of Casio. Whether you’re sporting casual jeans and shirt combo or step out in your everyday crisp shirt, slacks, and blazer workwear, a Casio vintage watch easily adds style and completes your look. A stainless steel watch such as those of the Casio vintage watch variety adds class and sophistication to any ensemble. Check out our Casio vintage watch pieces here that can be the perfect piece for your next ensemble:



A more formal approach with Iced Out Watches


For formal events, your outfit can undoubtedly benefit from a more luxurious, designer watch. Designer watches that look a bit more formal serves not just as a fashion statement but also as an investment piece that you can wear time and again in different combinations of outfits. Your sleek black-tie suit earns more style points if you pair it with a luxurious gold watch, or even the more popular iced out watches. The iconic iced out watches not only serve their purpose as a timepiece and a style statement, these watches often catch others’ eyes and therefore can serve as an icebreaker for starting conversations at formal events. Not sure which of the many iced out watches out there choose for your next black-tie formal event? Here are a few to get you started:

Also, we have a large variety of the Casio Vintage Watch as well as Iced Out Watches you can choose from! Take your pick HERE

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