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How to choose the Perfect Watch?

How to choose your Perfect Watch?

The watch is definitely the go to must have piece to complete any look out there and having options when needed is crucial!

 If you are on the lookout for a fashionable timepiece, it's important to keep a few things in mind like functionality, versatility, comfortability and more importantly the quality of the watch - what material is it made from? What type of movement? Level of water resistance, the glass, is it sapphire crystal, hard mineral or cheaper material that can scratch easy?

There are so many options these days and it seems like every other day the big players are bring out the new "latest and greatest" and if you are watch fanatic, the collection never stops growing.

If you're new to the watch game and don't know where to begin or simply looking for some guidance, we have some cool new ways to cop that next piece with out breaking the bank. For example, you can purchase a one of our head turning custom iced out G shocks through one of the many buy now pay later options on available like Afterpay!

Let's get into it! Here are some tips that can help you choose the right time piece:


  • Consider every Watch Type


If you expect to find a watch that best suits your unique style, dig deep and be open to new brands, designs, colorways, material types, functionality etc as you never know what you might stumble across. 

Social media such as Instagram is a great place to scope the latest and greatest to get the idea juices flowing and also to see how people are styling their look with their accessories.

In saying the above, you can never go wrong with having multiple options to pull from when in need and sometimes it depends on how you feel right? Is it a Vintage Casio kind of day or an iced out Imperial crown kind of day?


  • Style? Functionality? Durable? Techy?


When its time to cop the next watch, it's important to think about what you really want from this piece and how will you wear it?

Will it be a daily wear or heavy hitter for the weekend or special events? Do you like a bit of tech in your watch to possibly connect to your phone or serve other functional purpose like a tool based watch and or as long as it tells the time and is more of a fashion statement than the tech side is not a priority. Remember some times simplicity is the key but functionality if actually used is dope!

Do you need something versatile that can go with several outfits?

Do you need a durable watch that can stand to be roughed up a bit? 

There are several questions you need to ask yourself fist and although watches basic purpose is to display the time you should still have your own ideas on what you really want and need from a watch.


  • Quality, Material & Features.

Another few things to consider when shopping for a new mens watch is, what is it made of? What is the movement? Is this a quality piece for the price?

Most quality metal watches are made from stainless steel however be careful as some watches state "stainless steel" however the band is stainless steel and the case & bezel is a cheap alloy and or the band is a cheap alloy which can deteriorate  quickly and if finish with some form of plating will tarnish even quicker.

You can usually feel and see the difference between a cheap alloy based piece versus a stainless steel piece but the obvious sign is price!  You get what you pay  for fam! 

Other popular material options are leather and or some form of resin, both are great options deepening on the look you are going for but also remember ensure that you at least have a genuine leather band over a the fake stuff as you want it to last. Sometimes investing in a better quality piece will pay dividends.

Here at Jewellery Kings we only invest in top quality material and or partner with global brands such as G-Shock and Casio who have a proven track record to ensure our customers receive the very best for an affordable price.

Secondly, what movement are you after or you don't really mind? Do you want an automatic movement or a quartz movement? Automatic's don't run on a battery like a traditional quartz and simply charge with the movement however if you don't wear your auto for a few days it might require a few shakes or "wind up" and the time reset.

The positive to an auto is no battery required but with so many moving parts you will need to service it to ensure longevity and that it keeps the correct time.

Quartz is a battery powered and will eventually need replacement however quartz is an extremely accurate at keeping time and is the most widely used movement.

Changing the battery is pretty straight forward and you can also do this yourself and or take it to a watch specialist. It shouldn't be too pricey $10-$30 max.

Features wise you can opt for day and date displays, analog and digital options, alarm functionality, dive & pilot features, field & tool features, bluetooth, touchscreen and the list goes on..again it all comes down to what you want from your watch.


  • Find your Style and Size


In case, you think style is just about rocking the new "trends" then you surely haven’t seen the Casio Vintage watch yet. Whenever you shop on the prowl for new watch, be sure to also consider the classic pieces especially for the daily wear. The vintage style of watches are making a resurgence and they are definitely a easy go to when trying to complete any look.  You can dress them up or down and they are not only very versatile but also quite affordable.

Just like your clothes, your watch should also be of the right fit. So along with the style, it is equally essential that you find a watch as per your wrist size and if the links are adjustable and you have a larger wrist, simply ask the retailer if they have any additional links.

Generally adjustable link bands will be much larger and require adjustment to remove some links, however they are based on average size wrists. 

If you are buying non adjustable band, be sure to check the band size prior to purchase to ensure you will get the right fit.  

You could also purchase a new band and switch out provider there are some options on the market for this particular watch model.

There are sizes categorized as very thin wrist, slender, medium, and thick wrist so that you can go for watches accordingly.

  • Budget


Don’t worry! Having a budget doesn’t mean you can’t go over anything that crosses your budget. It's just having a budget gives you a clearer view and saves a lot of time. Besides, you wouldn’t want to make a decision haphazardly so it's better to have a budget beforehand.


You may feel setting a budget is bounding you, but in reality, it allows you to shop more freely. Once, your budget is set and you choose a watch, say an iced out G Shock you can easily make your decision.




Now that you know that a watch is an important aspect of one’s outfit, next time you are planning on buying a watch, you must consider the above-mentioned points. You can carry out shopping for watches and other accessories at Jewellery Kings.


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